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Sharon Green is an up and coming artist, already making her mark with various medium and subjects.

She's an artist in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville.

After raising six children and a victory over Stage IV cancer, she has brought her passion to brush and canvas. She now spends her time pursuing her love of art. She finds inspiration from resting in God's presence, experiencing His peace, and enjoying His creation. Finding the soul deep within the eyes of her ladies or presenting nature in a real, almost tangible venue, she continues to develop the talent she openly thanks God for.

Sharon uses acrylic inks, watercolours, oils and acrylics; she also writes poetry. View her art at SharonLGreenArt.com and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

"I want to take the fear out of putting brush to canvas or pen to paper."

Passage To Freedom

These are the only two self portraits I’ve ever done. The greyscale one was done a little over 3 years ago right before I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Since that time our loving Father God has enabled me to shift my perspective quite radically. I have studied the tabernacle several times since then. It is the type and shadow of a loving Father through His son Jesus.

I have know Jesus as my Savior since I was very young, 5 years old. But in the last 3 years I have come to know Him as the lover of my soul. I have received His love for me and allowed His love deep within. It has changed how I respond to that love that was always there but not always received. I have walked with Him for years but never truly allowed His care, love, intimacy to go to the depths it was always meant for. I have been set free from many things that held me captive for years. Self loathing being one of them. I had a constant inner dialogue that was so destructive and isolating. It caused so many issues. Depression, anger, loneliness, despair, masking who I was on the inside, suicidal thoughts, dullness, sorrow, marriage problems....etc, etc. I felt Him ask me a year or so ago to do another self portrait but I wasn’t ready.

Recently I was asked through my study group to visualize how I saw that I was painted by Him. But I couldn’t just visualize it I had to do it. I started with a background of turquoise blue. And then painted me. I felt like the Father had said you are a rainbow but I couldn’t figure out how to make that happen without looking cheesy. So as I’ve done so many times in my own life I did what I thought I should and painted it without the rainbow. It was all finished and as is often the case, God gently nudged me. He woke me up and had me change it quite radically. I added many colours into my face, gold, pink, blue, bright white-thus the rainbow. He reminded me of the beautiful ways He has been giving me nuggets of His truth for me. It’s been like a meteor shower of His truths and love for me. I changed the background to reflect that.

I included all the things...I don’t necessarily like about myself...like crows feet, two different eye shapes, dark circles, butt chin, etc...He made me to be me. A creation of His handiwork, a masterpiece. As you can see the view of myself as shown in the paintings is radically different. Allow yourself the liberty to receive His love...the fullness of His love.

It’s never too late. He is always wooing us to Himself.