A Call To Create

What I want as an artist. Anyone who views my art to make them think deeper. Provoke them to question and seek more. I’m painting His creation. Creation beckons everyone to see that there is a creator. Bringing people to the ultimate experience of getting to know Father.
That’s my purpose as an artist.
"Given to me is beauty that surrounds, life beholding the verdant green. Bounty in treasures that I can not hold, this life I lead."

-sharon l. green
About Sharon
My Passage To Freedom

Storytelling in colour

Every good painting has a story, and I LOVE, here are a few of my personal favorites.

Evelyn "Life"

This French girl with her black beret back was done at the end of August 2017.

I am calling her Evelyn which means "life".

How apropos, right? She is wide-eyed young woman with a positive outlook on life. This doesn't mean she ignores life's problems but instead has an optimistic way of looking at life. She has a laissez-faire. [(les-ay-fair)] attitude, a French term that translates as "leave alone" (literally, "let you do"), or “Let (people) do (as they choose). Her life is a reflection of that perspective.
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Paloma "Peace"

Meet Paloma.
She is a french girl out and about in Paris having an espresso in a demitasse cup at an outdoor café. Paloma is a girl who speaks what's on her mind but also a bit of a recluse. She doesn't let her shyness keep from experiencing the best things in life.

She is dreaming of all the things she still wants to accomplish in her life as she observes all the different people passing by.
Paloma means dove or peace.
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This is Brittani. She is my best friend’s daughter.
She also happens to be my hair stylist.

One night I had my hair done and Brittani had on this black cowgirl hat…she had no makeup on and was glowing. I took several pictures of her on my way out and then in the following days was inspired to paint her. She is a hard working girl. Like another daughter to me.

She was quite shy growing up but had a dream to become a stylist and has made that happen. She can do anything I dream up for my hair. And she does it fantastic. She owns her own salon and loves to see hair as her painting canvas.
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